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90-minute Initial Consultation

Thinking about hiring a Business Lawyer, or changing lawyers?  


Perhaps you have a number of legal issues you'd like to discuss with a Business Lawyer, a complicated matter on which you'd find an experienced point of view useful, or you are thinking about retaining Tom for your business or project.

Tom offers potential new clients an Intitial Consultation of up to 90 minutes for his normal low hourly rate.  Many business contracts or documents are too involved, complicated, or long to review and analyze during this Initial Consultation, but brief and straight-forward documents can be evaluated duting this time.


Your Initial Consultation will take place in person -- at Tom's office or your business -- or on the phone if that is preferred.  It will be confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Your Initial Consultation Fee will be paid in advance and covers up to 90 minutes.  If the meeting lasts longer, you'll only be charged the regular Hourly Rate for the excess time.


Interested in setting up your Initial Consultation?  Contact Tom for more information:




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