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Deed Preparation

Closing Attendance

Fixed Fee

Need a simple deed prepared for your closing?  Tom will prepare your deed for a reasonable flat fee and, if you want representation at the closing, to make sure it all goes smoothly, Tom will do that as well.

What is Included


1.     (Deed Prep only) Simple deed preparation based on the existing deed, your previously-obtained title search and title insurance binder, and on your previously-signed agreement of sale.


2.     (Closing Attendance only)  Attendance at your closing, review closing or settlement statement, review and explanation of closing documents at the time fo closing.


What is not included


1.     Title search or evaluation, preparation or negotiation of closing documents.

Okay, interested?  Here's how it works:

You need to be a current, former, or prospective business owner, manager, officer, or investor -- Tom only represents businesses and their owners.

We have to clear any conflicts. Tom must not have a conflict of interest with you, your business, your partners, your family, or anyone on the "other side" of your issue.

You will need to pay in advance with a credit card or Pay Pal payment.  


Your conversation with Tom will be confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.Contact Tom for more information:



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