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Sole Proprietorship or

Fictitious Name Registration


So you've decided to operate your business as a Sole Proprietorship, and after consultation with tax advisors and talking with Tom, you decided that you won't need the tax and liability advantages of a formal entity.  

Or perhaps you have an existing business that will be adopting a different Trade Name for part of it's business, your business has acquired the assets of another business and will be operating under the Trade Name of the acquired business, or your corporation operates a franchise and you need a Trade Name to do business in the name of the Franchise.

In all of those cases, your basic filing is the Fictitious Name.  Tom can help you obtain the right to use that name in Pennsylvania with the proper registration with the Secretary of State.

You'll have up to a 15-minute telephone conversation with Tom to go over your choice, provide the required information, and answer any questions about Fictitious Name Registration which you might have.

Tom will also check the name availability with the State of Pennsylvania, prepare the appropriate forms, and prepare the required public legal notice for advertising according to law.  If you'd also like a separate EIN for your Fictitious name, Tom will obtain that for an additional $25 fee.

What is Included:


1.     A telephone consultation with Tom up to 15 minutes to obtain the necessary information and answer any questions that you have.


2.     Pre-clearance of your proposed Fictitious name with the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau (preclearance does not guarantee acceptance, nor does it guarantee that your selected name does not infringe another's trade name).


3.     Proper preparation of your Fictitious Name Registration and filing after you have signed and returned the registration.  (The State filing fee of $70 is not included in your fixed fee, but must be paid with the fee so that your name may be registered.)


4.     Preparation of the required Legal Notice of your registration and placement in the appropriate publications.  (The advertising fee charged by the prublications is not included in your fixed fee.)

What is not Included:

1.     Consultation and advice on whether Ficitious Name is the best solution for your business form.  (Tom offers Entity Selection Consultation service as an additional fixed-fee service.)

2.     The State Fictitious Name Registration fee ($70), which you will need to pay in advance with your fixed-fee.

3.     Obtaining a Federal EIN for your Fictitious Name, which many accountants would advise.  Tom can obtain that for you for an additional $25 fee.

4.     The advertising cost of placing your legal notice in an appropriate publication.  

We have to clear any conflicts. Tom must not have a conflict of interest with you, your business, your partners, or your family.

You will need to pay in advance with a check, credit card, or Pay Pal payment.  (Your advance payment must also include the $70 state filing fee, which is not included in the above Fixed-Fee.)


Your conversation with Tom will be confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.


This rate does not include state filing fees or assure that the State will accept your filing.  It also does not include the advertising cost of your required legal notices, nor additional documents or work related to starting your business, beyond preparing your registration documents.  

Interested in registering a Fictitious Name?  Contact Tom for more information:




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