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Form a Non-Profit Organization


A Not-for-Profit Corporation is the first step to starting an IRS-recognized Charitable Organization.  In order to qualify for IRS Charitable Organization recognition (tax-exempt status), it is important that your Not-for-Profit Corporation be properly formed to comply with strict IRS requirements.  Tom can guide you through that process.

Your fixed fee includes a 30-minute telephone consultation on the formation and to answer your liability and other legal questions about operating as a Not-for-Profit Corporation, proper preparation of your Articles of Incorporation, drafting your by-laws, and initial meeting minutes, drafting and arranging for placement of your required legal notice of incorporation (the advertising cost is not included), and obtaining your Federal IRS Entity Identification Number (the cost of obtaining your IRS tax-exempt status is not included). 

Tom will do a basic name-availability search with the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau. Name acceptance cannot be assured, however, until the entity filing is completed and accepted by the Pennsylvania Secretaryu of State.

What is Included:

1.     A telephone consultation with Tom of up to 30 minutes to gather necessary information and to answer your questions about operating as a Non-Profit.


2.     Broad name search to reduce the likelihood that your selected name might be too similar to the trademark of another; search includes multiple sources and databases, as well as pre-clearance with the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau.  No search can be conclusive or fully guarantee no confict, but a braod search greatly reduces the likelihood of a problem down the road.

3.     Proper preparation of your Articles of Incorepoation to ensure that, when you are ready, the Articles will satisfy the IRS requirements for tax-exempt organizations.

4.     Drafting by-laws which comply with the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law, your organization's goals, and the IRS guidelines for charitable organizations. 

5.     Preparation of the necessary initial meeting minutes to lawfully authorize your board and officers to act on behalf of your non-profit.


6.     Drafting and placement of your required legal notice of formation (the advertising cost of the publications is not included).

7.     Obtaining a Federal tax identification number (EIN) for your non-profit (this is not the same as obtaining tax-exempt or charitatble status, which is not included in your fixed fee).

What is not Included:

1.     The state filing fee ($125) for organizing your non-profit is not included, but you will need to pay that with your advance Fexed Fee payment.

2.     The cost of placing your Legal Notices.

3.     The cost of your minute book and seal.

4.     The filing for tax-exempt or charitatble organization status with the IRS.

5.     Additional documents or work related to starting your Not-for-Profit, beyond preparing your formation documents.

Other Information

We have to clear any conflicts. Tom must not have a conflict of interest with you, your business, your partners, or your family.

You will need to pay in advance with a check, credit card, or Pay Pal payment.  (Your advance payment must also include the $125 state filing fee.)


Your conversation with Tom will be confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.


Interested in forming a Not-for-Profit?  Contact Tom for more information:




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