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Complaint & Appearance


Fixed Fee


If you have a Landlord/Tenant or other real estate related matter with a value of under $12,000, the most cost-effective court alternative is the Pennsylvania Magisterial District Justice ("DJ courts").


The DJ courts are Pennsylvania's first tier -- sometimes referred to as small claims.  They are designed so that you may represent yourself (including your business), without an attorney. Attorneys who charge on an hourly basis can quickly eat up the value of the case waiting around to be heard and conducting the hearing.

Tom eliminates that concern by offering a flat fee to prepare a DJ complaint and appear at the hearing with you.

What is Included

1.     Necessary email correspondence, document review, and up to a 30 minute telephone conversation to gather appropriate information needed to prepare a DJ Complaint.

2.     Necessary email communication and document review to prepare for hte hearing, including exhibit or other evidentiary materials.


3.     Discussions with the other side to resolve the dispute once the complaint is filed (if the matter is settled, there is no abatement of the fee).

3.     One attendance at the DJ Court.

What is not Included

1.     Work subsequent to the first attendance -- including appeals, collection, execution, filing the judgment with the Common Pleas Court, subsequent DJ appearances, and expenses and court costs.

2.     Work related to the dispute other than preparing and filing the complaint, such as preparing settlement agreements, judgment notes, satisfaction pieces, etc.

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