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Lease Agreement  -- Residential



Owners of residential rental properties need to protect their investments with appropriate leases.  We'll prepare one that complies with the mandatory Plain Language requirements of Pennsylvania Law, and provides the Landlord with the appropriate protection and ability to streamline eviction procedures as much a legally permitted under Pennsylvania Law.

You will be able to re-use our lease form without having to go back to an attorney and pay more fees each time you have a new tenant. (We strongly recommend periodic reviews, however, to ensure that you are compliant with and taking full advantage of legal developments.) 


What is Included

1.    A private, confidential Telephone Consultation with Tom of up to 30 minutes (Residential Lease) or 45 minutes (Commercial Lease), to obtain the required information and to answer your questions.

2.    Necessary preliminary or follow-up email consultation.

3.    Preparation of an appropriate Plain Language Lease (Residential) or comprehensive Commercial Lease according to the information you provide.  You will be able to re-use your lease for other/subsequent tenants without further attorney involvement.  However, we strongly suggest periodic legal review to ensure that you remain compliant with and are taking advantage of legal developments.

What is not Included

1.     Collateral agreements or documents relating to the Lease or the property.  This would include Land Lease or Rent to Own Agreements, Options, Construction or Build Out Documents, Riders, Cross-Defaults, Zoning or Occupational Permits, or other documents or work beyond the Lease.

2.     Revisions or additions to the draft Lease prepared according to the information which you provide.

Ready to have a Lease prepared?  Here's how it works:

You need to be a current or prospective owner, manager, officer, or investor of residential investment real estate -- Tom only represents rental property owners and managers.

We have to clear any conflicts. Tom must not have a conflict of interest with you, your business, your partners, your family, or anyone on the "other side" of your issue.

Contact Tom for more information:



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