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Hourly Rate

Tom's current Hourly Rate is half what it was just a few years ago, when he was running his own small business law firm (Smithford Business Lawyers) which he had founded in 1994.  In 2013, Tom became a 'true solo' and has passed the savings on to his clients in the form of drastically lower rates and fees.

For matters on which the Hourly Rate applies, the rate is calculated to tenths of an hour, with no minimum (so you don't pay for 15 minutes when it is a five minute call).

The Hourly Rate is applied to all time spent on a matter, including telephone calls, all correspondence (including emails), research, evaluation time, file review.  It does not include travel time to or from your office (within Monroe, Luzerne, Pike, and Lackawanna Counties) -- you won't be charged for Tom's commute!

The Hourly Rate also does not include expenses -- postage, court or state fees, advertising costs, copying fees, court reporter fees, etc.  Expenses will be itemized on your invoice, which is sent periodically (customarily, once a month on active matters).

Questions about the Hourly Rate?  Contact Tom for more information:



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