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Review Exisiting Lease - Residential


You're a Landlord of residential real estate property and you need someone to look over your current form lease to make sure it is compliant with the law, or to advise you on your rights and obligations under the lease and Pennsylvania Law.

Or, your business owns, operates, or leases commercial or business property -- an office, a factory, storage facility, or retial store, for example -- and you need to know your rights and liabilities under the lease, or are having a particular problem and need someone to evaluate where you stand.


Tom can help you, and he can do it in a timely and cost effective manner.


What is Included

1.    Careful review of your existing Lease by Tom.


2.     A private, confidential Telephone Consultation with Tom of up to 30 minutes (Residential Lease) or 45 minutes (Commercial Lease), to answer the questions you posed, and to provide general advice for improvement or changes.

What is not Included

1.     Drafting of changes, additions, or revisions to you Lease.

2.     Review of collateral issues or documents relating to the Lease, such as zoning issues, occupany permits, options, financing provisions, etc.

Have Lease issues you'd like to talk with Tom about?  Here's how it works:

We have to clear any conflicts. Tom must not have a conflict of interest with you, your business, your partners, or your families, nor with the landlord or the tenant of the property.

You will need to pay in advance with a check, credit card, or Pay Pal payment.  


Your conversations with Tom will be confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

You'll send Tom a copy of the lease by email or fax, together with a statement of the issues or questions you have.  Tom will review the lease and then you'll have up to a 45-minute telephone consultation, usually the next business day.


This rate does not include revisions to the lease, or follow-up on the issues discussed.

Contact Tom for more information:



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