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Lawyers Play Important Role in Mediation

Lawyers don't like mediators, and visa versa . . . . at least that's what you would gather listening in on conversations among many mediators -- even attorney-mediators!

The reason some lawyers don't like mediators is that so much of the marketing for mediation services "piles on" the widespread anti-lawyer, anti-court system rhetoric that has been out there a very, very long time (even before Shakespeare went for the cheap laugh in Henry VI). Actually, mediation works quite nicely within the litigation system and is a valuable tool in the lawyer's belt.

Similarly, the often-expressed frustration of mediators is that lawyers are disruptive to the process -- that they are too adversarial when cooperation would make our jobs easier.

But the truth is, the attorney is not supposed to make our jobs easier. The attorney is one of the mediator's clients in the mediation process. As mediators, it is our job to make their jobs easier.