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Tom's Unique Approach to Business Representation

Tom understands that you are not in business to hire counsel. 


Attorneys, like accountants, buildings, telephones, technology, and office furniture, are necessary to your success and part of your cost of doing business -- but they are not your business.

Tom recognizes that every dollar you spend on attorneys, and every minute you spend consulting with them, is taken away from your business, and from your bottom line.

That's why Tom comes to you for meetings -- to eliminate non-productive travel time to & from his office (of course, his office is available for meetings when that is preferable).  


Tom routinely takes the time (time you don't pay for) to provide you with a reliable estimate of what the total or periodic cost of a long-term matter might be.  

Successful businesses budget and plan expenses.  Understanding that, Tom offers an extensive menu of Fixed-Fee Services for starting and running your business.  With Fixed-Fees, you have the confidence in knowing what your cost will be -- no surprises when the invoice arrives (doesn't that sound refreshing).

As a true solo, Tom no longer has the large overhead of running his own firm, a gaggle of paralegals working the case, nor a room of secretaries, file clerks, and accounting staff to pay.

He has a modest, dedicated office in his home.  Tom passes the benefit of his lower overhead on to you.  

Tom's current Hourly Rate is half what it was just a few years ago.  (Seriously, when is the last time you heard about a lawyer who lowered rates?!) 

This reflects Tom's approach to business representation -- he leverages the benefit of his uncommon non-legal experience, unique legal training and experience, and his cost-effective operation for the benefit of his business clients.  


Tom understands and appreciates what it takes to succeed in business in this economic environment, and it shows in every aspect of his unique approach to business representation. 

If this sounds good to you, contact Tom to find out more:


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